Workplace Yoga

Yoga and meditation train you and your colleagues to approach challenging situations in new ways, to face difficulty and pressure without an acute stress response. Less stress means more productive employees. Less stress means healthier employees. Less stress means calmer employees. Less stress means happier employees. Less stress means better work.

Private Yoga


You time. No distractions. A one-on-one yoga session designed specifically for your needs and preferences. Private yoga sessions are designed according to special requests, limitations, injuries or scheduling challenges that you may have to create a practice perfectly suited for you. Private instruction insures safety, extra attention, hands on adjustments and a custom program to help relax, strengthen, recover, challenge and restore your body and mind. 

Small Group Session

Love the physical postures, hate the oms? You and your running bodies want to cross-train? Bonding with your mother-in-law? Wish you could use your roofdeck/backyard/local park for something awesome? Private group yoga/meditation lets you choose your companions, your location, and your style. Lots of personal attention and care so the movement works exactly how you want it, when you want it, where you want it. 


Hey, I’m Paige!

I am rather eclectic, highly energetic, decidedly gregarious, easily excitable, moderately analytical, surprisingly introspective and untiringly curious.

I’d rather be outside, barefoot. I dance (decently) when waiting for the subway, and sing (poorly) when on my bike. I laugh unabashedly and read a lot of books.

What to expect:

My classes thoughtfully combine elements of yoga, pilates and functional movement as well as mindfulness techniques and breathwork to weave a grounded, embodied experience. My teaching is articulate and approachable, inviting self-exploration, curiosity and self-compassion.  

I put equal emphasis on anatomical principles, awareness practices and intuitive experience. I believe that an embodied practice should engender inquiry, deep listening and expression as the ingredients for leading a simultaneously introspective and playful life. I encourage my students to move in ways that feel nourishing, sustainable, joyful, and connected to their own selves.    

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