Hey, I’m Paige!

I am rather eclectic, highly energetic, decidedly gregarious, easily excitable, moderately analytical, surprisingly introspective and untiringly curious.

I’d rather be outside, barefoot. I dance (decently) when waiting for the subway, and sing (poorly) when on my bike. I laugh unabashedly and read a lot of books.

What to expect:

My classes thoughtfully combine elements of yoga, pilates and functional movement as well as mindfulness techniques and breathwork to weave a grounded, embodied experience. My teaching is articulate and approachable, inviting self-exploration, curiosity and self-compassion.  

I put equal emphasis on anatomical principles, awareness practices and intuitive experience. I believe that an embodied practice should engender inquiry, deep listening and expression as the ingredients for leading a simultaneously introspective and playful life. I encourage my students to move in ways that feel nourishing, sustainable, joyful, and connected to their own selves.    

Lil’ History:

I began my own mindful movement exploration in 2004 with the practice of yoga, originally as a means to heal from a serious knee injury. 

At 17, I had my first knee surgery to repair damage sustained playing soccer, long-distance running and aggressively snowboarding. By 23, I was due to go under the knife a second time. Instead of operating, my doctor advised a strict diet of non-impact sports, namely swimming and yoga. I approached the practice of yoga with the same vigor that I applied to my marathon training, craving the adrenaline rush and pushing my body. But some unexpected magic took hold of me in the process.

Although I was initially drawn to yoga to cultivate discipline, focus and physical strength, through years of study, I discovered the subtler qualities of balance, ease and grace. As time marched on, my practice grew quieter, slower, less flashy and more internal. My breath got louder, my mind more focused, stillness more attainable. I became drawn to the awareness techniques of yoga, the deep breathwork, the meditation, even chanting. And I never stopped moving my body.

After relocating to Brooklyn in 2012, I enrolled in a 200-hour RYT program at Abhaya Yoga, an Anusara-inspired school. At Abhaya, I studied under Tara Glazier. Upon completion of my initial training, I continued my education with a 300-hour RYT advanced apprenticeship program, working with Rebekah Nagy (Yoga Sutra lineage), Amy Santos (Mysore Ashtanga) and Patricia Maples (Anatomy/Pilates). A desire to deepen my understanding of the human body and various healing modalities led me to study with Jason Brown of the Functional Anatomy Academy, the pilates method with Ellie Herman, and bodymind ballwork with Ellen Saltonstall. As of 2015, I have been a lead instructor with KinneretYoga, guiding aspiring yoga teachers in their 200-hour training.   

My movement classes are rooted in vipassana mindfulness philosophy as taught by Jon Kabat Zinn and Tara Brach. I studied mindfulness techniques at New York Insight, completing and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course with Elaine Retholtz. I continue to deepen my meditation practice under the tutelage of Josh Korda of Dharma Punx.

Paige Cara Yoga  82 6th Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11217