I began practicing yoga in 2005 as a college student relishing in the momentary escape from campus life. Originally, I was drawn to the practice for the purposes of cultivating discipline, focus and physical strength. Through years of study, I discovered the subtler aspects of balance, ease and grace. I strive to weave an awareness of all these qualities into my asana classes.

Yoga’s ability to provide an overall sense of wellness in body, mind and spirit propelled me to pursue a teacher training course. In 2012 I received a 200-hour RYT certificate from Abhaya Yoga, an Anusara-inspired school in Brooklyn, studying under Tara Glazier. Upon completion of my initial training, I continued my education with a 300-hour RYT advanced apprenticeship program, studying with Rebekah Nagy of the Yoga Sutra lineage. A desire to deepen my understanding of the human body and various healing modalities led me to study with Jason Brown of the Functional Anatomy Academy as well as the pilates method with Ellie Herman.    

My asana classes are rooted in vipassana mindfulness philosophy as taught by Jon Kabat Zinn and Tara Brach. I studied mindfulness techniques at New York Insight with Elaine Retholtz and continue to deepen my meditation practice under the tutelage of Josh Korda of Dharma Punx.

My classes combine breath-based movement with deep structural awareness in order to find optimum alignment. Dhāraṇā (steadfast concentration) is cultivated through sustained focus on the material body as well as the internal process. I hope to empower my students by providing them with tools to flex their focus in and out of class.

I am grateful to all of my teachers past and present including but not limited to Tara Glazier, Jenny Ingrewrsen, Patricia Maples, Amy Santos, Rebekah Nagy, Jason Brown, Tara Brach, Jon Kabat Zinn and Ellie Herman. I am equally indebted to all of my students for reminding me of the meaning of persistence, patience and diligence.